NewAge Electrical provides complete surge protection for domestic installations and commercial installations.

What is a power surge and how to protect from power surges?

Power surges are sudden, temporary increases in potential electrical energy. While power surges may not last long, they can cause serious damage to components in your building’s electrical system and any electrical appliances plugged into power points or power strips.

It is often thought that lightning strikes and storms cause power surges.

However, power surges are most commonly caused by high-powered electrical devices such as elevators, refrigerators and air conditioners. Power surges can also occur as a result of faulty wiring and power lines.

Power surges are an unavoidable occurrence. The best way to protect your home or business from power surges is to install a surge protector or surge suppressor. The team of qualified electricians at NewAge Electrical can install surge protection devices and repair faults in electrical systems.


Why is a surge protection device needed in an installation?

Surge protection devices lower the risk of structural damage and fires by diverting high voltages into the ground.

Surge protection devices detect power surges and turn off the power supply to protect electronic devices. Surge suppressors differ from surge protectors. Instead of turning off power, surge suppressors regulate the voltage, ensuring your power supply remains constant in the case of a power surge.

In a lightning storm, you should not rely on a surge protector to save your electronic devices such as computers and TVs. If lightning strikes near a power line, it can boost electrical pressure by millions of volts, overpowering almost any surge protector.

For the best protection, you should always unplug your devices from power strips. A power strip just splits your power point outlet into multiple ports, it will not protect your electronic devices from power surges or any other interference in the power line.

For complete home surge protection, look no further than New Age Electrical

Our team of experienced electricians provide surge protection for domestic installations and commercial installations.

They are able to advise on levels of protection and electrical repair work to prevent power surges. The qualified electricians at NewAge Electrical can determine the cause power surges and can conduct work including installing surge protectors and repairing wiring or appliances.

The experts at NewAge Electrical can install a surge protection device in your home. Contact us today!

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