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Hot water heating system repairs

When your water heating system stops working, you will need to repair or replace it quickly.

No one wants to have a cold shower or wash the dishes in lukewarm water. It is important to repair your hot water system as soon as a fault occurs. The team at NewAge Electrical can provide repairs for electric hot water systems.

Electric hot water systems are used in almost half of all Australian homes. Electric hot water systems:

  • Can be installed at any property
  • Don’t need a connection like gas hot water systems
  • Cost less to install
  • Can be more efficient than other systems
  •  Can be installed internally

We can conduct electric hot water repairs for your home or business, regardless of the size or type of system. If you have any concerns about your electric hot water system, contact NewAge Electric today!

Types of electric hot water systems

There are many different types of electric hot water systems. The most common are hot water storage tanks, continuous flow systems and hot water heat pumps.

Storage hot water system keep a tank of water at a constant temperature, providing fast access to hot water. Tanks vary in size, depending on the needs of your property. Hot water naturally rises to the top of the tank, so water is drawn from there when needed, and is replaced by new cold water. The temperature change is detected by a sensor and will switch on the burner to heat the water back up to a set temperature.

On the other hand, continuous flowor instantaneous hot water systems heat the water as and when required. When you turn on the hot water tap, an electric element is sparked, which heats the water within the system. The element immediately switches off when you turn off the hot water tap. Water is diverted through a heat exchanger and then delivered to the faucet. Since water is slowed during the heating process, multiple open taps will result in decreased water temperature and pressure. Continuous systems heat up an unlimited amount of water when you need it. It does take a little while to warm up, but it doesn’t use as much energy maintaining a constant temperature. Continuous flow systems are cheaper to run, more energy and water efficient and more reliable than storage systems.

A heat pump uses renewable energy byabsorbing heat from the surrounding air to heat your water. It does this by fanning in warm outside air and using a heat exchange system to heat a water storage tank. Heat pump hot water systems are great if you live in an area with year-round warn temperatures. Heat pumps operate on electricity however, they are more efficient, environmentally friendly and can save money on electricity bills and maintenance costs.

Hot water system repair

Trust the experts at NewAge Electrical to repair your electric hot water system

Electric hot water systems use an electric element to generate heat and transfer to your water supply. This is a very complicated system and can be very dangerous to attempt work on it.

Contact the fully qualified electricians at NewAge Electrical if you have any problems or concerns about your electric hot water system.

We are able to repair or replace any electrical element in storage tanks, continuous flow systems and heat pumps. No matter what type of hot water system you have installed.

NewAge Electrical can conduct electrical repairs to get hot water flowing back to your property in no time.

Contact NewAge Electrical for all electric hot water repairs!


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