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Installing an electric cooktop in your kitchen

Can electricians install rangehoods, ovens and cooktops?

Electric rangehoods, ovens and cooktops must be installed by a fully qualified electrician or service technician. Electricians can also advise on electrical renovations for your kitchen, including how to wire a cooktop stove and installing enough power points to power all your appliances. The team at NewAge Electrical can install electric cooking appliances for your newly renovated kitchen.

Do rangehoods need electricians to install?

Rangehoods need to be installed by electricians due to wiring and lighting components. The team at NewAge Electrical also specialise in Air Conditioning services. They have the skills and experience to properly connect your rangehood ducting to ensure it effectively vents the smoke and steam from cooking.

To speak to an electrician who installs cooktops, ovens and rangehoods contact the friendly team at NewAge Electrical.

We can install appliances in your newly renovated kitchen or replace old appliances.

We service the following areas in NSW:

  • Newcastle
  • Lake Macquarie
  • Central Coast
  • Port Stephens
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  • Hunter regions

Electric cooktop installation

When you buy a new cooktop it is important to consider how much power you have available.

This is especially true for induction cooktops as they require more amps than a standard electric cooktop.

It is also important to consider what type of appliance you want to install or what will best suit the space in your kitchen. A range combines a cooktop with an oven and is designed to slide right into your kitchen cabinetry. An electric cooktop, also known as an electric stove is a stand-alone unit designed to fit into your kitchen benchtops. You will have a bit more flexibility in where you can install a cooktop.

If you are renovating or remodelling your kitchen, you can place cooktops in any location, even kitchen islands if there are electrical connections available. Cooktops add style and are one of the most useful appliances in your kitchen. The team at NewAge Electrical know how to install electric cooktop on granite countertops and have all the tools and equipment to complete the job. Trust NewAge Electrical to install an electric cooktop in your modern kitchen.

Electric cooktops are the most affordable to buy. However, they do take a little longer to heat up and won’t give you as much temperature controls. Induction cooktops are becoming the most popular type of electric cooktop as they are the most precise with temperatures and the safest available. However, they are a lot more expensive and you will need to purchase special cookware to use with it. Trust NewAge Electrical for electric and induction cooktop installation.

Cooktop repair

Trust NewAge Electrical to repair faulty or damaged electric cooktops.

Since you probably use your cooktop regularly, it is likely to develop some issues over time. Some of the most common issues include:

  • Failed switches
  • Faulty burner receptacles
  • Malfunctioning timers and nobs
  • Control panel fuse

These are not simple issues that you can repair yourself, you may actually cause more damage to your appliance.

Talk to the experts at NewAge Electrical!

There are a few simple things you can do to prevent damage and increase the longevity of your cooktop. Use aluminium or stainless-steel cookware with flat smooth bottoms, pick up cookware instead of sliding it across the cooktop and regularly clean the cooktop with a non-abrasive cleaner.

We know how important your appliances are, so your repair is our priority. Our team can service nearly all electric cooktop makes and models. For great serviceand advice, look no further than NewAge Electrical.

Contact the experts at NewAge Electrical for electric stove installation and repairs.

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