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Electricity from the grid is transported to your home or business through either a single phase or 3 phase system, indicating the number of wires needed. Workplaces that use huge amounts of power such as factories, mines and restaurants need a 3 phase power system to operate multiple machines. The system has a very efficient motor to run conveyor belts, compressors and other high-powered machinery.

Home owners can also install 3 phase power, although most homes and small businesses run effectively on single phase power. All power points and typical household electric appliances such as TV, fridges, freezers and lights run on a single phase system. You may only need a 3 phase installation if you are installing a large ducted air conditioning system.

Single phase v 3 phase power supply

The 3 phase power supply has 3 distinct wave cycles and needs 3 power wires. Whereas, single phase power has 1 distinct wave and only requires 1 wire to connect the phase circuit. There are also different phase voltages between single phase verses 3 phase systems. Both systems use a neutral wire to connect to the earth, to provide a path back to the switchboard in the event of an electrical fault. This will trip the power and prevent electrocution, structural damage and fire.

Although single phase power is more prevalent, 3 phase power is useful for many applications. It can run larger appliances and high powered equipment such as conveyor belts, compressors, air conditioners and welders that will overrun the single phase system.

There are many benefits from installing 3 phase power verses single phase power. 3 phase power:

  • Produces more power with the same amount of current, resulting in energy savings
  • Is cheaper to run
  • Produces continuous power, helping the electric motor run more efficiently
  • Distributes power equally, making the system safer to use

The cost to install 3 phase supply is lower. Machinery can also operate more effectively and therefore last longer, reducing maintenance costs.

Although 3 phase power is usually used for commercial and industrial properties, it can also be used for residential purposes. It can run your home air conditioners more effectively and increase the amount of solar you have installed.

3 phase installation in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast, Port Stephens, Maitland and the Hunter

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The experts at NewAge Electrical know how to install 3 phase power to suit your home or business. Our electricians can upgrade a single phase to 3 phase system by connecting conductors and distributing the load equally among the 3 phases.

Our electricians can convert a single phase to 3 phase system by using a motor that enables a continuous, balanced flow of electricity.

If you need an electrician to determine whether your property is running on a single or 3 phase system, contact NewAge Electrical. Our trusted electricians can advise on the most suitable phase power system and phase equipment for your needs. We can convert a single phase to a 3 phase system for your home or business.

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