Electrical switchboard upgrades in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, NSW

NewAge Electrical can conduct electrical switchboard upgrades, install safety switches and circuit breakers for your home or business.

An electrical switchboard distributes the electricity to various places around the building.

Today we have more devices, appliances, heating and cooling systems than ever before. Older switchboards were not designed to cope with the large amounts of power we now require. Older switchboards have safety and reliability concerns. If your power keeps tripping, you may need a switchboard upgrade.

Older switchboards can result in blown fuses, melted wires, flickering lights or damage to electronic devices. If you have any concerns about your electrical switchboard, talk to the experts at NewAge Electrical today.

What are the benefits of a switchboard upgrade?

Outdated switchboards have a risk of short circuiting. As years go by, homeowners add extensions, electrical appliances, new technology, air conditioners and hot water systems. Older switchboards were only designed to operate a few lights, power points and an oven.

It is important to get an electrical switchboard upgrade to maintain electrical safety, protect your home, business or family.

Faulty switchboards can start electrical fires. It is not worth the risk of electrical fire or electrical shock that may result from outdated ceramic fuses. The team at NewAge Electrical can install electrical switchboards, safety switches and circuit breakers for your home.

Circuit breakers are safer and more convenient than the outdated fuse box. Circuit breakers have a switch.

If the fuse trips, you just need to flip the switch to reset it. Electrical safety and the safety of your family is our top priority.

What does a switchboard upgrade involve and what is the cost?

Talk to the experts at NewAge Electrical about switchboard upgrade costs for your home or business.

A switchboard upgrade involves the replacement of all ceramic fuses for the modern, safe safety switches and circuit breakers.

It can also include installation of a meter box,new fuses and upgrades to your mains power cables.

The price for a switchboard upgrade can vary, depending on the type of switchboard needed and whether you need cabling or rewiring. Prices for the switchboard alone may vary according to size and capacity.

Some cabling may be required, but if your home is more than 40 years old your whole home will need re-wiring. The price for a switchboard upgrade starts at $1500 +GST.

The team at NewAge Electrical will be happy to provide switchboard upgrade costs, specific to the needs of your home or business.

Contact the licensed electricians at NewAge Electrical for electrical switchboard upgrades.

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