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Security light installation for residential properties

Trust NewAge Electrical to make your home safe and secure.

Statistics demonstrate that well-lit properties are less likely to attract criminal activity, because of the risk of being seen by others. To increase home security, we can install lights in strategic areas of your home, focusing on places that criminals can use to enter, such as the front door and pathways. Motion sensor lights are the most common form of security lighting for residential properties.

The advantages of installing motion sensor lights include:

  • Increased security by properly lighting the property, even in difficult or small areas
  • Energy savings by only switching on when the lights detect movement
  • Improved safety by illuminating the property when you are trying to enter, so you can find your keys without falling or knocking things over

Contact NewAge Electrical to talk to a residential security lighting installer near you.

Commercial security lights

For commercial properties, we recommend installing security lights that operate on a timer, rather than motion sensor lights. Flood lights are a common form of commercial security lights. These are very bright lights that are placed outdoors and can be programmed to turn on and off at a predetermined time.

Floodlights can improve the quality of images captured on CCTV cameras, although they actually act as a better deterrent than CCTV. Security lighting is the best way to deter criminals from vandalising your business. NewAge Electrical can install security lights for any industrial property, so contact team today.

What is the cost to install outdoor motion sensor lights?

The team at NewAge electrical can install motion sensor lights for your home or business.

The cost to install outdoor motion sensor lights varies, depending on what light fixture you choose to install. Motion sensor lights can come in different styles and designs such as exterior wall lighting, lamp posts and landscape lighting. It is also important to install lights with durable materials such as aluminium.

We are more than happy to provide a quote to install motion sensor lights on your property.

Contact the team today to arrange a site visit and quote. Motion sensor lights are worth the expense of installation and maintenance. They help increase the security of the property and give you peace of mind.

To find security light installers near you contact the licensed electricians at NewAge Electrical!

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