New Home Wiring for Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

Trust NewAge Electrical to design electrical house wiring for your new home

New home electrical wiring and energy management systems in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

Building a new home is stressful and time consuming. You want every work conducted on your property to be the highest standard possible. Take the stress out of electrical work for your new home, talk to the expert team at NewAge Electrical!

When building a new home, it is important to hire qualified electricians early in the process so all electrical wiring, power outlets and light switches are in the optimum position in your home. The team at NewAge Electrical will consult with your architect, builder or engineer to design an electrical system for your new home. We can customise wiring to meet your specific needs.

We can also advise on implementing an energy management system to monitor and automate the use of energy in your household. This will increase your energy efficiency and help to reduce your electricity bills by reducing your energy consumption.

What type of wiring is used in new homes?

There are many types of wires to choose from when wiring a new home. Electrical wiring can be made from copper or aluminium and suitable for indoor or outdoor environments.

The most common wiring used in new homes is Non-Metallic (NM) Cables. There are different wire gauges and amperages for different uses. For example, smaller gauge wires are used for light switches and power outlets, whereas larger gauge wires are used for high power appliances such as air conditioners or electric stoves. Cables are colour coded to indicate the gauge size and amperage of the electrical wiring.

NM is primarily used for interior residential electrical wiring, however electrical wiring can be installed in a flexible metal or plastic tubing for outdoor electrical wiring, where cables could be exposed to the elements. NM cables are designed as a permanent wiring solution for new homes.

A guide to basic household wiring

The team at NewAge Electrical can provide expert advice on electrical wiring for your whole home.

When you’re building a new home, you want to make sure that everything is done correctly the first time. No-one wants to fork out more money to fix dodgy building efforts.

Here’s a guide to future proof the wiring design for your new home:

  • Install multiple power outlets to power all electrical goods, appliances and TVs
  • Create a lighting design with enough light switches to suit the needs and mood of each room
  • Place the telephone cable and network cables in places most suitable to your needs
  • Decide if you will need air conditioning, heating or ceiling fans
  • Install smoke detectors and rangehood/exhaust fans in the kitchen
  • Take caution with electrical wiring in the laundry, bathroom and kitchen. Any electrical wiring near water needs to be safe and secure to avoid electric shock
  • Consider outdoor lighting and security systems

The team at NewAge Electrical can design home wiring systems optimised for improved energy efficiency. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about electrical wiring for your new home. Contact NewAge Electrical to discuss new home wiring.

For all new home electrical wiring needs or concerns, talk to the experts at NewAge Electrical!

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