Installing electrical power points and upgrading existing power points

Do you need extra power points for your home? The qualified electricians at NewAge Electrical can help!

Nowadays, we have so many electrical appliances and devices. Many homes do not have enough power points to charge these devices, especially older homes. It can be very frustrating having to unplug appliances to charge other ones. Many people use power point adapters as a cheap and easy way to gain extra power points. However, overloading power points with adaptors can pose a significant fire risk. Installing extra power points is the safest option to charge all your devices.

Whether you need to upgrade single power points to double power points or install completely new power points, NewAge Electrical can help. Our qualified electricians can install extra power points and residual current devices for extra safety. Residual current devices detect problems with your power supply and can turn off the power within 10-50 milliseconds. This is the best option to protect your home and family, providing complete electrical safety.

Power point installation and servicing for Newcastle and the Central Coast

For electrical safety, power points should only be installed by fully licensed electricians. Our qualified electricians at NewAge Electrical know how to install a power point and can advise on power points suitable to your home and electrical needs. Don’t risk your own safety by attempting to install a power point by yourself, hiring an electrician is the easiest way to ensure electrical safety.

The team of fully licensed electricians at NewAge Electrical can repair existing power points, upgrade single power points to double power points, install extra power points and testing power points for electrical safety. Trust the professional team at NewAge Electrical for all any power point installation.

Do you need to access to a power supply for your backyard entertainment area, yard or shed?

NewAge Electrical can be trusted for outdoor power point installation.

For outdoor power point installation, there are weatherproof power points specifically designed to withstand water and moisture.

Outdoor power points are great for backyard entertainment areas, yard and shed appliances.

Our fully licensed electricians are fully qualified to install electrical power points and extra power points for your home or backyard. We can supply and install your new power points at your convenience.

NewAge Electrical are experts at installing electrical power points, contact us today!

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