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Do I need an electrician to install a light fixture?

While you don’t need an electrician to change a light bulb, it is a legal requirement to hire an electrician to install new lights or upgrade existing lights. Any electrical service requiring changes to wiring or circuits needs to be completed by a fully licensed electrician, otherwise it can result in fire, injury and even death. Contact an electrician for light installations or upgrades, to ensure all electrical work is safe and completed to the highest standard.

Lighting is crucial to the way we feel within a space. The team at NewAge Electrical can provide advice and develop a lighting design that will improve the feel of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Do you need to upgrade existing lights to LED lights, install outdoor lights or security lighting? Trust NewAge Electrical for any light installation or lighting design in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

The team of electricians at NewAge Electrical can provide:

  • LED light installation
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Advice on types of lighting for your home or business

Installation of lights doesn’t need to be tricky. Contact the expert light installation electricians at NewAge Electrical!

LED light installation

NewAge Electrical can develop a cost-effective lighting design for your home or business.

LED lights are energy efficient, brighter and can last longer than standard light bulbs. LED lights use around 85% less electricity and can last up to fifty times longer than standard light bulbs. This means you will save on your electricity bills.

LED lights are appealing to the eye, energy efficient and available in both warm and white tones. They are dimmable and can be focused to create the ideal lighting design for your home or business.

Installing LED lights is a simple process, talk to the experts at NewAge Electrical about LED light installation.

Outdoor lighting and security lighting installers near you. Contact the expert team at NewAge Electrical.

Installing outdoor lighting and security lighting helps to improve the safety of your home or business.

Security lighting protects your property by detecting intrusions or other unwanted criminal activity. Lighting design is an integral part of crime prevention. Installing lights activated by sensors are an energy-efficient and cost-effective security measure for your home.

Security lights designed to stay on all night such as floodlights are effective and secure for commercial properties. Floodlights can be placed on a timer, so they automatically turn on to light the property at night. Sensor lights and security lighting make your home or business safe and give you peace of mind.

As well as improving the security of your home, outdoor lights can brighten up your garden, entertainment area or alfresco dining room, making it a more inviting and comfortable space. If you are renovating your outdoor area or building a new home, install outdoor lights to complement your outdoor space.

Opt for outdoor lighting with very warm colours to create a soothing, natural tone, making the space more relaxing.

NewAge Electrical will ensure all outdoor lights are safe and properly protected from the elements. We highly recommend installing LED lights, which are far more powerful and energy efficient than dull solar lights.

Make the most of your garden or entertainment area by installing outdoor lights. NewAge Electrical has expert outdoor lighting electricians near you. Talk to the team today about indoor and outdoor light installation to brighten your home or business.


Need an electrician for light installation? Look no further than NewAge Electrical! Contact the team today.


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