What is a safety switch?

Safety switches are designed to prevent electric shock when short circuits or other electrical faults occur.

A safety switch recognises the difference between the electricity supply coming in and going out and “trips”, turning off the power, stopping current from flowing into your body and preventing electric shock.

A safety switch can turn off the power in 0.03 seconds, that’s less than the time it takes for a human heart to beat. In most cases, the lost electricity will not impact you, but it is a good idea to install a safety switch as a precaution.

Safety switches protect your family from electrical faults and we believe that your family’s safety is of utmost priority.

My Safety switch keeps tripping!

If your safety switch keeps tripping, you may have a faulty appliance or an issue with circuits in your home.

The most common reasons why electrical safety switches “trip” are faulty appliances, faulty safety switches, faulty wiring, storms, lightning and bugs!

Here’s what you should do before calling out an electrician:

  • Unplug all electrical appliances from the power
  • Reset the safety switch by turning it off and on again
  • If you hear a pop or a flash when you reset the safety switch, stop immediately and call a licensed electrician
  • If the safety switch doesn’t turn back on call a licensed electrician, there may be an issue with the electricity supply or electrical circuit
  • If the safety switch stays on, plug in each appliance, one at a time
  • You will be able to identify the faulty appliance when the safety switch trips again. The most common faulty appliances are kettles, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, tank pumps and fridges.
  • Do not attempt to repair the faulty appliance yourself, only licensed electricians or repair technicians can conduct repairs on electrical appliances.

To prevent the safety switch from tripping again, install a combined safety switch/circuit breaker. A safety switch monitors the flow of electricity and will switch off if it detects a problem, whereas circuit breakers protect wiring from overloads and prevent damage and fires.

Safety Switch Installation

The team of licensed electricians at NewAge Electrical can help!

Safety switches installed by a licensed electrician help to protect your family in the event of short circuits.

Electric shock from faulty appliances or other electrical faults can cause serious and life-threatening injuries. Protect yourself and your loved ones by installing a safety switch today.

In NSW, safety switches are now a legal requirement in all rental properties. If you own a rental property, talk to our team of electricians to find more about electrical safety and safety switch installation.

A safety switch can be installed in conjunction with your current switchboard, but it may be more cost effective to upgrade circuits in your home. Talk to our team of experienced electricians to find out about safety switch installation suitable to your home.

Electrical safety is so important, protect your family and your home from electrical faults by installing a safety switch. If you’re searching for an effective safety switch installation in Newcastle, talk to us today.

NewAge Electrical can install and solve problems with your electrical safety switch. Talk to an expert today!

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